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Justin Bieber and his posse allegedly smoked so much pot on the private jet they flew to New Jersey for the Super Bowl, the pilots wore oxygen masks to avoid getting high.


According to a police report obtained by NBC, the air on the plane was “so thick” with pot smoke, the pilots had to put on their “emergency equipment.”

NBC claims Bieber and his dad Jeremy were allegedly “extremely abusive verbally” to a female flight attendant, and refused to stop the “harassing behavior,” leading her to take “refuge” near the cockpit.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, the jet was searched upon arrival at the Teterboro Airport, where NBC says Bieber admitted to police that he had drank and smoked, but was not arrested because no additional drugs were found.

Bieber, who was traveling from Canada, was later stopped and questioned at customs for several hours due to his pending criminal cases.

Check out the video below for more new details.

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