The sequel of "How To Tame Your Dragon," picks up five years later in the island world of Berk, where everything seems to have pretty much gelled  between Hiccup (nicely voiced again byJay Baruchel); his dad, Stoick (Gerard Butler); and his dragon pal, Toothless. But you can't have a story without conflict and this one has lots of it.  Just when I thought the movie was moving too slowly, all the chaos begins.  This one's going to make you cry.  And without revealing too much, I question it being released before Father's Day.  Don't spend Father's Day with young kids and this one.  See it on Saturday or for Friday The 13th Today.

A new character to Dragon 2 is Hiccup's mother, Valka (Cate Blanchett), long thought dead by a dragon attack.  Hiccup finds her being a Dragon Master.  So she left her family in favor of Dragons, Great!.  She reunits with her husband and all is back to normal or is it?  Let me just say the next line sums up the picture, ''Good dragons under the control of bad people do bad things.''  You can probably guess the rest.  But in the end the good people of Berk prevail again.
3-D and cinematography is brilliant. I took two kids to this one.  My daughter Cayley and her schoolmate Emma.  They couldn't wait to see it and agreed it was sad at parts but, what's new, they gave it 4 out of 4 stars (really 5 but Shelli only goes up to 4 max)
I give it 3.  It's a must see if you're a fan of the Dragon Franchise but it went a little too far with emotional content for the little kids.  Tweens you don't have to worry about, they watch things like "Divergent" and "Hunger Games" and "The Fault In Our Stars."  This would be an, "Everyone lives happily ever after!" thing.
3 Stars  Marc Coppola