Sad day in the Rolling Stones camp as Mick Jagger's girlfriend, of the last decade, committed suicide at 49.  She's known for her clothing line which was well liked by many.  There may have been severe financial debt (6 million) for her company which some close to the situation thought embarrassed her.  Other say Mick and L' Wren weren't an item anymore.  Mick Jagger's handler's have dismissed that and say that's not true.

Some say couldn't Mick have helped with the debt.  To that I say, "He may not have known how serious it was as she was embarrassed to talk about it.  And I don't get, from Mick Jagger's personality, that he would not have helped. I think he would have." 

Whatever the case, we're so sorry to hear the news.  There has been too much of this going on with our "Baby Boom" generation.  Proportionately it's more than any other generation.