Apple Watch Automatically Calls 911 After Hikers Fall Down Cliff

Release Of The Apple iPhone 11 And Apple Watch Series 5

Release Of The Apple iPhone 11 And Apple Watch Series 5

A pair of hikers in New Jersey thought they were going to die after getting stranded on a cliff in a secluded area inside Hartshorne Woods Park in Monmouth County. 28-year-old James Prudenciano and his partner got lost on the trail and were trying to find their way as the sun began to set.

Prudenciano's female friend slipped on thorny vines and slid down the mountain. She was unharmed but unable to climb back up. They spent nearly two hours trying to find another route down the mountain but realized they would not be able to make it to the bottom.

They decided their best chances of survival was to slide down the steep incline, but they fell further than they expected and landed hard on a ledge below. Prudenciano suffered a fractured back and hurt his leg in the fall, but that may have saved his life.

"My leg was twisted and I was already hurt. I had a thorn that went through my foot," Prudenciano told NBC New York. "I didn't see much, all I seen was rocks."

When he hit the ground, his Apple Watch detected the hard fall and called 911.

While he was trying to figure out what to do next, he heard "911, what's your emergency" coming from his watch. Three agencies responded and the two hikers were rescued.

Prudenciano recently got the watch and decided to turn on the hard fall detection feature. The feature can be turned on in the Apple Watch app by going to My Watch, then clicking on Emergency Service SOS. When it is turned on, the watch will ask you if you would like to call 911 if it detects that you have fallen. If you do not respond and remain immobile for one minute, the watch will automatically call 911.

Photo: Getty Images

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