May the "fourth" be with you in this Serendipity way!

May the FOURTH be with YOU Serendipitiously

Beckie Jacobs, the founder and owner, takes her love for ice cream seriously. Beckie is committed to both making and serving the best ice cream possible.

In fact, she has been doing just that since 2003. With training from both the University of Wisconsin - Madison and Penn State University, and on-going professional education,

Beckie stays abreast of the latest ice cream and dessert trends that can excite even the most discerning foodie's palate.

Our ice cream is made with cream from pasture raised cows and is free from antibiotics and rBST.

We are dedicated to serving the most sought-out ice cream in St. Louis. Stop in our Ice Cream Shop, inquire about our catering, or find us at your favorite restaurant!

Check out Serendipity online HERE! Also make sure to follow their FACEBOOK page for daily specials, and menu items!

May the FOURTH be with YOU Serendipitiously