Cope's, "Doctor Sleep" Review. (The Shining Part 2, Well, Kind Of)

Written as a novel by Stephen King in 2013, this follow-up story imagines a world where the kid in, “The Shining” Danny played in the film by a shell-shocked Ewan McGregor, has grown up. He’s still shining (psychic abilities) and haunted by the memories of his childhood.

He’s like his dad and has been suffering from alcoholism. He gives up the drink and his “shine” abilities come back. Finds solace comforting dying patients in hospice care by helping them sleep deeper. That’s why he’s Dr. Sleep.

He starts battling the same demons from his childhood and links up with a young girl named Abra that’s being hunted.

Applause in the theater whenever something happens that was a reference to the original film. Even when they got to the Overlook Hotel, that got a significant round of applause.

It’s long, like 2 and a half hours. Could have been shortened. A just okay script and if you expect it to be like the book you’ll be disappointed. They took too many liberties with the character’s relationships and the ending not like the book.

2.5 Hearts

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